It’s A Good Day.

Nathan Hayes in the movie “War Room” says, “My son is safe so I still call it a good day.”

Having a good day? What is a good day? Is it the one in which we earn the most money? Or when we enjoy ourselves? The old and wise teach there is only one criterion for judging any day: How much did I grow?

Life is about changing and improving. It’s about learning and growing. Easy or hard, fun or boring, everyday is measured by the degree to which we are different the previous day. Learning from everyone and everything who and which comes our way. This means the ugly and beautiful.

What do you see in others? The man in a suit and tie as well as the guy in an overall with dust and oil. A greeting, a smile. Do you charge a fee for these? Walking in your neighborhood are you in the present or absent to those around you?

Open wide your eyes. Beware of people. Share that smile, answer the greetings. Greet others too. Kindness and courtesy, move you from the famous snob. From a stench to fragrance to those around you.

Putting others before ourselves isn’t easy but possible. Forgiviness, patience, gentleness and self restraint. These are not virtues cultivated in a day. Living in a world where strife, anger, jealousy, envy and anger are the order of the day; shaking them off will require tons of work.

The step by step journey to overcome makes each day a good day. Better at handling situations and interactions. Give more that a hand other than yours receives. View life in the context of how much you grow not what you gain. The context we give our lives will determine how we see its contents.

Have a good day.

2 thoughts on “It’s A Good Day.

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